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ESPRESSOcap Espresso Machine

ESPRESSOcap Espresso Machine


•Pump pressure 20 bar
•On/off key - coffee key - stream key
•Steam dispensing nozzle
•Adjustable steam
•Removable tank
•Tweezers to remove capsules
•Hot water production: yes
•Cappuccino nozze: yes
•Area for resting caps: yes
•Water tank capacity: 2L

NOTE: The machine operates only with Espresso Cap capsules.

Espresso is 'the most intensive drink' that can be obtained through passing of water onto a layer of ground coffee. To make the best of its taste and aromas it is necessary to respect some basic rules. Optimal temperature of water is 90°C (195°F) , combined with a pressure of 9 atm. Ideal quantity of coffee for each cup is 6 grams, ground in such a way as to allow a time of percolation of about 30 seconds. ESPRESSOcap capsules offer you exactly these specifics. The art of tasting does not limit itself to a sensation of the tongue or mouth but it can be a full tactile experience envoking a playful enjoyment from first sight, to smell, and lastly, taste


From cultivation to capsules

Harvesting of seeds is the first process to be meticulously looked after in order to guarantee the preserving of coffee quality and its taste. Each branch of coffee has got the fruits called "berries" which contain 2 seeds surrounded by a protective film called "parchment". To ensure the best aroma, it is fundamental to pick only the fruits that have reached complete ripeness through two possible methods. First method is known as "picking" of fruits and consists of harvesting which is totally done by hand, allowing a careful selection during the harvest. On the other hand, second method is known as "stripping" which can be done either by hand or with a machine. The procedure expects harvesting of fruits from the entire branch and their meticulous selection another time in order to avoid that the unripe seeds damage the coffee quality. Once harvest is finished, the fruits undergo some operations so that the origin can be given to "green" coffee, according to the naming, which it enters upon before roasting. Green coffee constitutes a raw material imported from coffee roasters from the original countries. Firstly, beans get separated from the remaining part of the fruit through a process that can be realized with or without water. The method which includes using of water is generally reserved for the fruits gathered by picking and it makes the maintenance of aromatic coffee perfumes easy and without exalting its bitterness. The berries are at first washed and separated, so that only the fruits that have reached complete ripeness have the flesh taken off, get washed and desiccated, always under a strict quality control. The beans which float get eliminated since they reduce the quality, and the coffee treated with this procedure is called "washed". Arabica quality treated with this method takes the name of "mild". Dry method consists of letting the berries desiccate in the open air for a minimum period of 3 weeks and the beans take the name of "natural" or "unwashed". When skin and flesh are completely dry, the berries pass through a decorticator machine which separates skin, pulp and pulpit liberating the beans.

Miscellaneous :
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